Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In The Beginning, There Were Two Posts

Greetings! I’m here for all the stuff Jeffe mentioned, but also for: furry role playing, speed hacking, forum complaining, autofollowing on boss runs, naked alts with funny names, and shooting people with immensely overpowered weapons that you coded yourself, in binary, and then uploaded into the game using a combination of advanced hacking skill and the great advantage of unexpectedness. “We didn’t know he could do that!”

A shorter way to say that would be: I’m here because I’m really passionate about MMOs, and I feel like talking about what makes them good, what makes them bad, and what makes them worth talking about. This little thing all started because I made a post on my home gamer forum titled: An Open Letter to MMO Devs. It was born out of some frustration that I have with how things currently are. Then it came to light that several of us had a mouthful to say on the subject, and another blog was born.

I don’t play anything right now, because I only recently got over being burned out. And after I had done that, I realized that I had another reason for not playing: I knew that I wouldn’t find satisfaction in the current crop of games. Why not? What do I want to see that simply isn’t out there? The next few posts will be about that, and probably will also contain some other stuff that makes the damn things too long to read entirely. Sorry for that. And anyway, welcome.


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