Monday, July 28, 2008

Never Carry A Refrigerator On A Hang-Glider

It's been some time since I posted, and there are two reasons. First, I wanted to redesign the site. Since what I know about HTML and CSS would fit into a thimble, that was... somewhat hairy. Think of a guy who doesn't know how to operate a hang-glider trying to make it from New Jersey to Brooklyn, in a hurricane, while carrying a refrigerator. (He bought the fridge in Jersey, obviously... how else is he supposed to get it home?)

In the end, I copied some stuff into some other stuff, tracked down a rogue div tag, yelled at the cat, and it came out ok. Things may change a bit, but the bones are there. I do need to look into flashing porn ads though.

The second reason I haven't been writing is that I've been playing Eve. Oops! As one of the people on my gamer forum reminded me, I did say that I wouldn't play MMOs for a good long time. If I'm going to write about these games though, I should play at least one of them. Yeah, that's the reason I resubbed. Absolutely.

Fortunately, Eve is a game that lends itself to casual play. I have no delusions of grandeur; there are people with 25 million skill points. I don't need to be uber, and I know I can't be. I just want to catch up with some old friends, fly around a bit, and see some stuff.

Plus, I love seeing this:

Instead of this:
So I'm back in, and I'm a raw noob. Admittedly, I never progressed much beyond noobishness in my last go-round. It's also been awhile. Put it this way; Goonfleet wasn't in the game the last time I had a CCCP charge on my credit card. And while I was away, the wide-open, vibrant, crazy world that is New Eden just sat there and percolated. It didn't wait for me, and it didn't put up any helpful street signs.

Going forward, I doubt I'll blog much about my experiences as a new player. Others already do that so well. But I will say that it has been a bit dizzying re-learning terms like transversal velocity, and realizing that, yes, I have to get all of those learning skills to level IV. I may also need to grab a shuttle, fly out to 0.0, and say, "hit me," because I'm finding I have that noob's fear of getting ganked.

In the end though, Eve is still so polished. And so pretty. It's a game where the developers do exactly what they want to do, and that is something unique in MMOs. Is flying around in inky black space a bit lonely sometimes? Sure. Do you get to missing trees, and being able to walk your character around? Maybe. But, you know, I can walk my real-life character around too. And the park is a few short blocks away.


Unknown said...

I'd like to hear some thoughts on the upcoming DC Universe Online.

Matt Braddy said...

DC Universe Online? It will be Shitty of Heroes part 2 with a DC skin.

Unknown said...

No positive thoughts on it at all, then? Is there no hope for a good superhero MMO?

Ben said...

Honestly, I've not followed the development of DC Online. I think CoH is probably a good superhero MMORPG though. Regardless of what Mr. Grumpy says :)

JM said...

I haven't been following DC too closely either because I'm too afraid of it failing and being disappointed. However it does look good and if nothing else, the character creator will be fun for a little while :)

jeffe said...

Champions Online ( has the most potential as far as superhero MMOs IMO LOL. THIQ. KDJOEF.

But really...a second go-round for Cryptic, who did a bang-up job on their first go-round as far as most people are concerned. Plus it's based on a great PnP property that has creation of new heroes (and villians) and not re-creation of characters we all know at it's core. Very interested am I, and not just because Cryptic is in my backyard and I feel compelled to root for the home team. I think they were smart as hell to sell of COX to NC and go on their merry way to work on a 2nd-gen superhero MMO.

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